Panini VX100-100-NJ
Panini VX100-100-NJ

Panini VX100-100-NJ

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Brand: Panini
Product Code: VX.100.1.FF.NJ
Availability: In Stock

VX100-100-NJ Featuers: 100 dpm, multifeed, 100 document input feeder.

The VisionX 100.1.FF.NJ is a high volume batch feed scanner with up to 100 document per minute (dpm) scan speed. Up to 100 item input feeder capacity. Virtual endorsement feature.

Incorporating the reliability, quality and performance demonstrated by all Panini products, the Vision X® product suite provides advanced features and an industry leading price/performance ratio.

Recommended for sites processing 250+ cheuqes per day.

Included in purchase:

2 Yr Return to MFG Warranty, Shipping Costs within Canada


3 Yr advance exchange extended warranty

Note: If you purchase an extended advanced exchange warranty. CashTech will ship to you a permanent replacement scanner. When the scanner is received the customer will return the failed unit, power cord and USB cable in the return box provided with prepaid shipping. All spares will be new or like new in operation and performance. The swap process is a permanent exchange