CashTech has been helping our customers for 29 years to improve efficiencies, reduce potential money currency losses, increase security, and improve cash flow when dealing with frequent or large volumes of cash, coin or cheques. We have also been helping our very large banking customers to implement cash management systems as well as providing procurement, fulfillment and on-going service maintenance support.

We offer a wide range of commercial currency solutions and our experienced consultants help our customers make the right choice for their business needs. We offer trusted, strategic advice on commercial currency machines from global manufacturers such as Magner, Digital Check, Panini, Canon and Opex.

Our service and support covers you wherever you may be within Canada. We have a full-service team of dedicated account managers, project managers, highly-trained field service representatives, repair technicians, and logistics experts to ensure you always have the support you need when it comes to your cheque, cash and coin processing.